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What are Domain Names, SSL Certificate & Web Hosting?

A Domain name is the unique name of the website, this is how it is found on the internet.  Such as; mine is tarawhitie.com.  You no longer need to type the www. before a domain name as this is not part of the domain name and the browser will understand that you want the World Wide Web.  All domain names have a (dot) something at the end which could be .com, .net, .org for examples there are many more.  It is not compulsory to have .com.au or any other country suffix but if you would like to have .com.au you will need to be able to provide your ABN number to proof that you are an Australian business.

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What is EPP Key?

EPP Key stands for Extensible Provisioning Protocol which is a code consisting of numbers. It’s required in order to transfer a domain from one registrar to another. The EPP Code is also known as Authorization Code or Transfer Secret Key.  Best practice when you purchase a domain name is to write down or copy & paste this key for future reference.

Difference between HTTP & HTTPS

Have you ever noticed the different web address formats, some are http and some are https?  HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol & HTTPS stands for Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

Domain Names & Web Hosting Differences

 In simple terms the differences are:
  • HTTP just focuses on displaying the web pages, images, videos etc that you have requested from a website, it does not care how the data gets from A to B.  It just allows you to interact with the data via the web browser.  This information is not encrypted so it can be visible to anyone who could be viewing your web session.
  • HTTPS works the same as it displays web pages, images, videos etc but this data is encrypted and it works with another protocol called Secure Sockets Layer which is referred to as SSLWhen you access a website your computer receives their SSL Certificate and checks it against the server’s credentials. They exchange ‘keys’ and encrypted the information and form a special way of encoding/decoding that is unique to your computer and this website.  Which can make hacker attacks insignificant. But note hackers will be hackers and the industry is constantly improving its defense systems to be one step ahead, this is the main reason why SSL certificates are purchased annually.Domain Names & Web Hosting Differences

Do you need a SSL Certificate?

If your website is either portfolio or e-commerce there are no compulsory requirements to have a SSL certificate if you are using a third party payment system such as PayPal as the transactions are taken away from your website and taken to PayPal and they use a SSL certificate.  If your website is doing any transactions you will need a SSL certificate as most e-commerce software/s will require it.  Also take note as a consumer, we feel safer when we are purchasing items online from a secure website.

SEO (search engine optimisation) – GOOGLE loves websites that are secure, they tend to rank them higher in search results.

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What is a URL’s?

A URL (uniform resource locator) is the address of the websites exact file, path or page such as; this page is https://tarawhitie.com/extra-info/domain-names-web-hosting-differences/, this tells you that you have gone to tarawhitie.com then to the extra-info area and have clicked on ‘domain-names-web-hosting-differences’ page.  All pages on a website are files, just the same if you had a folder containing many documents.


What is Web Hosting?

A web host is a company that allocates space on a server for individuals or organisations that require their website/s to be accessed on the web.  Without hosting your website can not be viewed online.  These servers are usually located in a data centre.  You can think of it like a shopping centre with many shops, if a shop does not pay rent for the space the centre will close the shop so they can not trade etc.

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