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Web Developer  & Web Designer Blue Mountains NSW

Web Designer Blue Mountains NSW

The differences between Web Designer & Web Developer

Web Designer

Web designers focus on the aesthetics “look and feel” of websites and their usability.

Web designers gather information from clients on their objectives “what is the websites purpose”.

Then web designers determine the websites information hierarchy to help with the design processes, this is called Information Architecture (IA).

This information is then used to guide the designer to create ‘mock-up’ design layouts called wire-frames.

Alternatively the client may be shown websites that have similar purposes then changes are made to tailor the design to 100% suit their requirements.

Web Developer

Web developers take a web design and make it function. 

They use programming languages HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and many other languages to bring the design to life.

Web developers are sometimes call programmers.  Some websites require unique functions that are specific to an individual website.

Many web developers use Content Management Systems “CMS” such as; WordPress so they can build systems that are easily maintained by the client.


I’m a firm believer that having a website should be available to everyone, whether you have a small business or are self-employed, entrepreneur, student or grey nomad.

To have a ‘Web Presence’ you need to have a website. Having a website has taken the place of business cards, brochures and even the Yellow Pages.

A website is an integral part of a business’s marketing and business strategy plan.

You can sell products and services, introduce your talents or provide instant advice.  Whether it’s a professional or personal site.

People have websites for many reasons.

By personalising the look and function of your website it creates a branding for your business or a unique identifier of you.

In recent times young children have been encouraged to learn how to use important tools in maintaining a website, with skills such as coding: Definition of coding

And in many countries children are taught coding at school, because they know the jobs of tomorrow will be challenging in a new way, with a new dialogue that includes knowledge of the internet, and websites will be a part of that evolution.

Here is an article on coding: Student’s learn to code

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